Lorenzo & Stefano

Lorenzo and Stefano, after 11 years of engagement, decided to get married in February, organizing a winter wedding in the heart of Florence.

A same-sex civil wedding deeply felt by the two and all the guests who celebrated this great day with joy!


The color of love

The civil ceremony of Lorenzo and Stefano took place in Sala Rossa, a historic room in Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of the Municipality of Florence. From the Renaissance the room is surrounded by tapestries, carpets, velvets and curtains in shades of purple red: an unmistakable style!

When Lorenzo saw Stefano his eyes filled with tears of joy. During the promises the guests opened, once again, the rainbow umbrellas paying tribute to the love of Lorenzo and Stefano

A rainbow flashmob

Lorenzo and Stefano have chosen to dress up together in Palazzo Lanfredini, a noble residence located by the Arno river in the city of Florence. Before the wedding ceremony the two grooms took some photos in the morning light of Ponte Vecchio. They crossed the city centre with a carriage and arrived in Piazza della Signoria to celebrate their same-sex union.

Thanks to the help of their friends and family, we organized a surprise for the newlyweds. At the arrival of the carriage at the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio, Lorenzo and Stefano were greeted by applause and rainbow umbrellas which colored their wedding ceremony!


The wedding cake

The colors of the rainbow characterized the whole set-up and design of this romantic same-sex civil wedding in Florence. From the buttonhole of the couple to the sugared almonds as centerpiece, every detail had a rainbow effect.

Even the wedding cake, an elegant croquembouche with over 16 layers of cupcakes, was decorated with small rainbow-colored wooden sticks! The wedding reception took place in the Orangerie of a venue just outside Florence where Lorenzo and Stefano danced and sang until late afternoon applauded by their guests and the seven rainbow bridesmaids.


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