Giuly & Laiva

Giuly and Laiva got married in a enchanted wood among the cypresses like fairies in the fairytales! This venue is a little pearl of Casentino, in the hidden and undiscovered Tuscany.

A new and rural wedding venue with a villa, a swimming pool and a large park. At the bottom you can see an enchanted wood.


Bridal makeup and hairstyle

The couple chose a natural makeup and hairstyle: loose hair for Laiva and afro style for Giuly. The fresh morning wind came in the room through the windows of the villa making Giuly’s short and light wedding dress sway. Laiva wore a low-cut lace wedding dress and an extraordinary jewel was on the décolleté as a symbol of their love: a rainbow cross.

Two young girl with the different personalities but with the same dreams. Their tender relationship was born during high school: Giuly and Laiva have always dreamed of getting married in a wood like two fairies in the fairytales!

A romantic location in Casentino, Tuscany

Giuly and Laiva have chosen to celebrate their wedding day in this location in the Casentino area, in the most hidden Tuscany, a place rich in art, history and wonderful landscapes.

The July sun did its part by being born shyly with a soft and filtering light, highlighting everything that was to be photographed. A team of well-selected vendors worked hard from the early morning to set up this special day.

A kaleidoscope of colors and beautiful decorations. Moment after moment the suppliers have built a setup for a romantic and unforgettable same-sex civil wedding.


Same-sex wedding style

Leone, the sweet dog of Laiva, took part of the ceremony bringing the wedding bands inside a little nest attached to its neck by a flower necklace. The palette was composed of burnt colors of the stabilized flowers, sand and “terra di Siena” characterized the anthuriums.

The same colors resumed all the setup of the wedding reception with candles, candlesticks and chandeliers with trembling flames. Al the setup was inside a fairy lights tunnel! The wedding cake, adorned with honey, orange slices, peaches and wild fern, was cutted in the white road of the cottage where was a cocktail bar and a great DJ set!


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