Wedding in Porto Venere: the incredible beauty of the Ligurian coast

Liguria is an enchanting place, able to offer exclusive panoramas, picturesque villages and  historical centres, natural and uncontaminated beaches. 

Porto Venere is one of the flagships of this region, chosen by many to be the scene of their  wedding in Liguria. 

With almost 4,000 inhabitants and perched on a village overlooking the sea, Porto Venere  is a unique location to make one of the most beautiful days of your life unforgettable and  magical.

Discover Porto Venere for your wedding in Liguria

In what is known as the Gulf of Poets (that is, the last stretch of the Ligurian coast that  goes from Porto Venere to Lerici), couples will be able to find an enchanting refuge from  the frenzy and pronounce the most important yes looking their love in the eyes ,  accompanied by the calming sound of the sea waves, as the setting sun illuminates the  couple as they celebrate the beginning of a life together. 

Porto Venere enjoys a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is easy to get lost  in the endless alleys of the town, distracted by the colorful houses, the imposing Doria  castle fortress and the Palazzata, a row of towers that once served as protection against  attacks by enemies. 

The town, together with the most beautiful islands of Liguria: Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and  the Cinque Terre, have been a UNESCO heritage site since 1997.

Wedding in Porto Venere, the perfect place: from photos to honeymoon

Porto Venere is an open-air photographic set. Photographers will certainly not struggle to  create a respectable book thanks to the natural beauty that this location offers. There is no  shortage of possibilities for organizing a reception to envy those present, here are just a  few. 

Doria Castle 

The Doria Castle alone offers gardens, stairways and terraces overlooking the Gulf for pre  and post wedding shots between the two lovers, as if to seal their love in one shot. 

If you want to organize your wedding in Porto Venere, the Doria Castle is a fairytale  location, suitable for hosting the reception after the ceremony, arranging the amphitheater  or the olive garden to celebrate the event with friends and relatives, admiring from above  the whole town and the tourist port. 

The church of San Pietro 

The church overlooking the sea can be reached via a small road that connects it to the  town or from the sea, by boat; it is the right place for those who want a religious wedding.  The peculiarity of this church makes it famous all over the world, and consequently it has  become a coveted location for those who choose to celebrate their wedding in Porto  Venere. Also for this reason, it is important to book it in time: the list is very long and  finding a free place takes time and organization. 

Palmaria Island 

Palmaria is an island not far from Porto Venere. For those who have chosen to celebrate  their wedding in Liguria, it is the right location to organize a dream reception, overlooking  the sea, surrounded by nature. Every corner of Palmaria is a beauty, and the fortress of  Umberto I completes the uniqueness of the island, which can offer a large courtyard, a  panoramic terrace but also covered spaces in case of bad weather.

Why rely on Ferrali Wedding Planner to organize your wedding in Liguria?

Managing wedding preparations is a full-time job. The reservation of the church for the  religious function or a room for the civil celebration, the invitations to be sent, the catering,  the restaurant or the villa for the reception, the wedding favors, the nightmare of  availability, and everything there is behind the organization to make it a wonderful day. 

If you and your partner are feeling overwhelmed by all of this, rest assured, you’re not  alone. This is why it is important to rely on a wedding planner; it will be the right choice  to have professional management and leave you only the duty to see a dream come true. 

With Ferrali Wedding Planner you can count on many years of experience in the wedding  industry, a respectable reputation with the highest level of satisfaction, and the certainty  that your wedding will be unique and special. 


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