The perfect vineyard wedding: my guide

If you are looking for a “luxury wedding in Tuscany“, you are probably caressing the idea of transforming your wedding into a dream experience, in one of the most evocative and celebrated locations in the world.

For couples who choose Tuscany as a location for a luxury wedding, the possibilities are numerous, but efficient and detailed organization becomes essential: in this article we offer you some useful information to organize the wedding of your dreams!

Wedding in the vineyard: the magical event to celebrate in Italy

It’s called the Vineyard Wedding and it obviously originated in the United States. And if  they do it overseas, why can’t we do it in Italy, for example along the Tuscan vineyards? Vineyard weddings are becoming more and more popular in Italy, and its meaning is literal:  ceremony and reception inside a vineyard. 

Between saying and doing, however, there is a lot of work to be done.

The guide to the perfect vineyard wedding

There are several things to consider and decide before aiming for the first available  vineyard. In fact, being a rather particular location, it is good to take the necessary time to  identify the perfect choice and organize everything meticulously.

The style for the wedding in the vineyard

The style of the ceremony, the reception for lunch or dinner must be matched to the  location, therefore very simple, natural and, if desired, country. Even the menu shouldn’t  have too complex dishes, but simpler and more closely linked to the territory, but equally  refined and of high quality. Finally, the lighting must not go against nature: torches or  strings of lights will be perfect for a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

The perfect location

Important is the location. Italy is the homeland of wine, you’ll be spoiled for choice when  deciding which area of Italy to celebrate your wedding in.

For example, excellent locations are the Chianti area in Tuscany or the Euganean Hills or  the Valdobbiadene area. Otherwise, there are suitable vineyards in Abruzzo, Marche,  Umbria and Sicily. 

For couples who prefer to eat outdoors, overlooking the vineyards, it will be possible to  identify estates, villages and villas that offer this opportunity.

The perfect menu for a luxury wedding in Tuscany

Natural decorations

Whether the event is entirely outside or with the reception inside, the watchword is  simplicity, even in the decorations. Not only could the menu respect a simple style with  traditional dishes, but also for the decorations, chosen with a minimal style, with lots of  candles and colored flowers to decorate the imperial tables among the rows of vines. 

Entrust yourself to a wedding planner for the realization of your wedding in the vineyard,  he will be able to advise you in the best way regarding all the choices and options.

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