The importance of a wedding planner for your dream wedding

Organizing a wedding is an undertaking that requires time, energy and above all patience.  But if it’s about getting married in another country, organizing everything remotely, the  challenge becomes even greater. 

The ten-year experience has made Ferrali Wedding Planner a professional in the  wedding industry, offering foreign couples who wish to get married in Italy, a complete  service, from the moment the couple get off the plane until the moving moment of the  “yes, I do”. Therefore, there is no better help for those who want to organize a dream  wedding.

Tell us your dream, we'll take care of making it come true

To best realize your day, you will need to explain your vision to us in detail. Only in this way, knowing each other, we will be able to travel the same path. Nothing will be left to  chance: wedding budget, number of guests, favorite locations, photographer, dress. Based  on your tastes, we will refine the offer. 

As often happens with future spouses, it is not always possible to travel to physically see  the proposed locations, but don’t worry, we will support you in this too. 

Ferrali Wedding Planner will then accompany you in the various phases foreseen by the manual, such as sending the invitations, finding accommodation for the couple and guests,  deciding on the type of menu for the reception and entertainment.

The most important steps for Ferrali Wedding Planner

Some steps are essential to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Here are the most  important.


In this first step, the wedding planner will propose a selection of locations, based on tastes,  budget and the type of ceremony envisaged: for the religious rite, a list of churches,  abbeys or chapels will be presented; for the civil ceremony the staff will present a location  for the celebration and, if preferred, a second location where to organize the reception. 

Ferrali Wedding Planner will also take care of the bureaucratic part, both for religious and  civil weddings.

The Hospitality

The service provides personalized assistance, based on requests and choices, whenever  the couple wishes to travel to Italy for the catering rehearsal, location inspection or make up and hairstyle trial. 

There will also be a service for the purchase of clothes or the rental for those who want the  beauty and quality of Made in Italy.

Welcome dinner

Shortly after the arrival, Ferrali Wedding Planner will accompany the future spouses, the  witnesses and all the guests to the welcome dinner for a moment of sharing and  celebration. This can be planned in a restaurant in the area or prepared by the same  catering chosen for the wedding reception. You will have the opportunity to try typical  dishes of the area, including pizza, but also an excellent barbecue and good wine. All  accompanied by the melody of the accordions.

During the event and after the wedding

The Ferrali Wedding Planner staff will always be on site to manage the event and check  that everything goes perfectly. Every contact with suppliers will be supervised and  managed with professionalism and precision. 

During the reception, especially after the cutting of the cake, the spouses can also change  clothes, to then continue with the dances and the party.

The location and references with suppliers

In a marriage the unexpected is around the corner. But the couple won’t have to worry  about it. The Ferrali Wedding Planner staff will take care of maintaining contacts with  suppliers, will make sure that everything is respected and organized on schedule,  checking that the event goes on without a hitch.

If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, trust the experts. Ferrali Wedding Planner is the solution for creating a dream wedding!

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We cannot wait to learn about your wishes! We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. Tell us about your love story and we will organize the wedding you are dreaming of.


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