Planner Gay wedding in Italy: advice from a Wedding Planner

Gay marriage in Italy: not only an opportunity to celebrate love, but also an achievement.  Currently celebrated through so-called civil unions, it has a high symbolic and  representative value of equality and inclusion, but at the same time it preserves intact the  romance and emotion that every union brings with it. What better place than Italy to  celebrate such a meaningful union? Let’s find out together how gay marriage in Italy differs  from a traditional union and the wedding planner’s advice to make this day truly unique.

Gay marriage in Italy: between love and rights

In recent years, Italy has made important progress in promoting LGBTQ+ rights. In 2016,  Parliament made civil unions legal for same-sex couples, starting a journey towards  inclusion that allowed homosexual couples to have their legal rights recognized and  celebrate their love in a marriage ceremony. legal and symbolic marriage. However, civil  union has some differences compared to egalitarian marriage: 

First of all, civil union does not require banns, which are necessary for civil marriage, i.e.  the one celebrated between a man and a woman. 

Same-sex couples cannot marry in church – with subsequent recognition by the State – but  only in front of a Civil Registrar and in the presence of two witnesses. 

Obligation of cohabitation and moral and material assistance are also valid for civil  unions. Homosexual couples, however, cannot adopt, nor are they required to respect the  obligation of fidelity

The last rule concerns divorce: civilly united couples can request it through a declaration  to the civil registry officer and obtain the dissolution of the union after just three months  (which, in the case of civil marriage, becomes 6-12). 

For foreign couples, it is necessary to obtain the nulla osta from the country of origin. If  the country in question is among those that do not recognize homosexual unions, don’t  worry: gay marriage in Italy is protected by a decree that prevails over international laws:  therefore a green light for foreigners too.

Organize a gay wedding in Italy

And now we come to our specialty: how to make the most beautiful day truly unique. Because, if it is true that organizing a gay wedding in Italy requires compliance with some  particular rules, the emotions remain unchanged. The civil ceremony also offers the  possibility of choosing new customizations, from the location to the theme, which add  freshness to the ceremony 

solemnity of the event to celebrate in the most authentic and personal way a union  destined to last forever. 

Italian traditions enrich the celebration with a special touch: rituals that can embrace the  personality of the spouses to reflect the individuality of each couple to create an  unforgettable experience.

The choice of location

The wedding, organized with the help of a destination wedding planner, can be truly  evocative; each suggested location will have its charm: from the picturesque Tuscan  countryside to the unique landscapes of the south, Italy offers enchanting locations to  provide the backdrop for a dream event. 

Elegant gardens, historic homes, naturalistic locations: you will be spoiled for choice to  frame your most beautiful day. The most suitable period? Always! In spring or autumn,  summer or winter, a wedding planned and adapted to the current season is always an  unforgettable result; it is certainly not the climatic conditions that diminish fairy tales. 

Ceremonies celebrated indoors can maintain an intimate and intimate atmosphere: a well designed setup, with flowers, lighting, personalized style details, helps to accentuate the  emotion of the most beautiful day.

The theme of the event 

Once the location has been chosen, it will be time to study the mood of the event: if you  are looking for inspiration you can browse our gallery. For example, the wedding we  organized for Lorenzo and Stefano, celebrated in the elegant Sala Rossa of Palazzo  Vecchio, in Florence, and played on the colors of the rainbow to give an even deeper  meaning to their union. A wedding celebrated in the middle of winter with a truly summery  light giving an excellent result also for the photo shoot. 

Contrary to what one might think, the duration of the civil ceremony is not short, in fact it  is usually possible to read promises and exchange vows, often very moving, underlined by  background songs played by master violinists. For civil unions, as well as for civil  marriages, not only are there municipal halls, but most Italian municipalities offer the  possibility of having a municipal house in breathtaking locations, such as: the Doria  Fortress Castle in Portovenere, the natural island of Pianosa, villas hidden among olive  trees and cypresses in the countryside and much more. Franca di Ferrali Wedding Planner 

will be able to accompany you on an unimaginably engaging journey, giving you the  opportunity to express yourself, tell your story and share your love story with friends and  family. 

Celebrate authentic love 

Gay weddings in Italy represent an exciting chapter in our work: not only do they  symbolize equality and inclusion, but they allow us to help couples who rely on us to  celebrate authentic love, in all its beauty and variety. 

If you are planning your wedding, Italy offers you a perfect stage. Tradition, modernity and  our experience combined with your imagination will allow us to create a magical event for  your special day. 

Ferrali Wedding Planner is specialized in the organization of civil unions: from the  bureaucratic aspects, to the choice of the location and the most appropriate period, up to  the in-depth understanding of your desires and needs to give concrete shape to the event  you have always imagined and dreamed of.


We cannot wait to learn about your wishes! We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. Tell us about your love story and we will organize the wedding you are dreaming of.


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