We love taking care of our couples. Right from the start we will assist the bride and the groom, but also bridesmaids and groomsmen in choosing the right dress.


The right style

for the groom

It is important for us to support the groom in choosing the right suit. The groom to be must follow certain rules to be impeccable alongside his sweet half.

Tradition imposes that the bride’s dress should not be seen by the groom before the wedding and the same for the male suit.
We pay our attention so that the groom’s suit matches with the wedding dress and is in line with the style of the big day. Whether classic or modern, blue or grey, with tie or bowtie, the choice of the suit is a very sensitive issue. We like to accompany grooms to the best ateliers and tailor shops of our area.

Who dresses the bride?

Our services include assistance in choosing the bride’s dress.
This is a very intense moment for every future bride who often decide to experience this together with her mother, friends and sometimes bridesmaids.

The choice of the wedding dress is extremely important, and we try to make this situation unique and unrepeatable, enjoyable, relaxing and intimate. Our wedding ateliers and made-in-Italy dressmakers offer “tailor-made” services and models from their new collections, as well as refined and precious fabrics. Luckily, in Italy there are several ateliers specialized in the sale of wedding dresses and handmade shoes, as well as accessories for any bride to suit all tastes.


The bridesmaids colours

Style consultancy is no longer just for the bride and groom.
We help bridesmaids, and often groomsmen too, in choosing their dresses and accessories in compliance with the favourite dress code of future brides and grooms.

The decision of the colour of the wedding dress is a major aspect of this issue. No matter if a dress is different from each other. The important thing is that all the bridesmaids wear a dress with the same shades.
Among the sinuous valleys of Umbria and the lush olive groves of Tuscany, bridesmaids generally wear cloths with pastel colours and nuances ranging from powder pink to porcelain yellow and green.
We are also attentive to detail. In fact, we love to combine the long bridesmaid dress with a small bouquet recalling the flowers and colours of the bride’s one.


We cannot wait to learn about your wishes! We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. Tell us about your love story and we will organize the wedding you are dreaming of.


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