Photos and videos

Photos and videos manage to capture every moment of your love dream to make it last forever.

Our knowledge of the territory is essential to make every shot of your wedding in Italy authentic.


Capturing every emotion

If there is a story that needs to be told, it is yours!
We will help you to choose the most suitable photographer and video maker who, thanks to their “keen eye”, will be able to grasp all the smallest details to express your great emotions.

Italy is a dream destination for every Italian and foreign couple. Getting married in Italy means choosing from several evocative locations, such as cities, castles, ancient and modern villas, historic houses, hamlets and the clear blue sea. But these are just some of the most beautiful spots you can find in Italy.

The images of your love

From morning preparations until the evening party with friends, we want to tell your special day by catching every expression and every light of your face to let you relive the thrill of those moments forever in time.

Relying on the best professionals is a guarantee to make your memories live forever. We are here to suggest the best photographers and video makers to satisfy every unique desire according to your favorite style.

The aim of these professionals is to tell your love story, making you feel at ease and without affecting spontaneity.
We want to give you pictures that make you get emotional and smile every time you look at them!


An intimate experience

Amazing panoramas will be the backdrop to your wedding.

Imagine getting married at sunset on the natural and rare beaches of Portovenere or dipping in a magical atmosphere with a country chic wedding among the hamlets of Umbria.

Or… why not, you can even live the intimate experience of an elopement among fragrant vineyards in Tuscany.


We cannot wait to learn about your wishes! We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. Tell us about your love story and we will organize the wedding you are dreaming of.


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