Lights and music for a wedding: how to organize the reception

Dress and gown, floral arrangements, make-up and hairdressing: there are endless things  to think about on your wedding day, one of the most romantic and memorable moments in  a couple’s life. Among these, lights and music for weddings are two points that cannot be  missing in the organization of this important moment.

After a touching and moving ceremony, it’s time to celebrate in a state-of-the-art location.

The place of the reception plays a fundamental role, where the lights and music will create  an enchanting and captivating atmosphere.

Wedding music

Music is a universal language that can awaken emotions and arouse deep feelings. And  the choice of wedding music plays a crucial role in creating the desired atmosphere.

From romantic classics to modern tunes, the right selection of tunes can capture the  essence of love and convey it to all guests. The sweet notes and suggestive melodies  accompany the spouses and their guests on an emotional journey, making the reception  unforgettable.

Band or DJ: the hard choice

Wedding music must accompany the ceremony and reception right up to the party.

A live band or ensemble of instruments can provide an authentic and immersive  experience. Some couples instead prefer to rely on an expert DJ who can mix the couple’s  favorite songs and adapt to the preferences of the guests. The key is to create an ambient  with musical rhythms, psychedelic lights and a fun atmosphere, to make everyone feel  involved dancing like in a real disco.

What wedding music to choose?

There is no rule on which wedding music to choose. As with the dress and floral  arrangements, the music must also reflect the personality and style of the couple.  Precisely for this reason, it will be possible to go from classical music to pop groups, from  indie to country, passing through electronic or Latin music. 

For convenience, it is always better to choose between similar genres or in any case a  reduced number, then finding the band or DJ who knows the genre and can entertain the  guests throughout the evening.

Not just wedding music: an original touch for the reception

To add a touch of magic to the reception, you can think of including dancers and acrobats.  Romantic choreographies or breathtaking performances can surprise and enchant guests.

And for a sparkling conclusion: fireworks! The evening can only end with a spectacular  explosion of colors and lights. This romantic gesture not only amazes the guests but also  represents a symbolic way to conclude such a special day. The sparkle of the fireworks  blends with the light of the stars, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere that enchants everyone  present.

Wedding lights: the setup

Wedding lighting is one of the most important aspects for the post-ceremony and  reception. In fact, wedding lights have the task of illuminating the location when evening  falls.

After considering the position and type of location, the budget available and the style of the  couple, there are different lighting models.

The wedding lights at the reception

When the guests sit down at the tables, they will be able to enjoy a sky or a tunnel of lights  that create an almost magical setting, made up of small sparkling and warm-colored LEDs,  for an enveloping and intimate atmosphere.

If you are outdoors, opting for a canopy of LED lights is the optimal choice, because it can  illuminate the place well but without obscuring the sky and the stars. To decorate, placing  some lanterns or candles along the path that leads to the reception point will give an extra  touch of magic.

For an indoor reception however, the light of the candles helps to illuminate and enhance  the decorations of the chosen room, making everything softer and more romantic.

Not just wedding music: an original touch for the reception

Lights and music for weddings are important aspects to evaluate

The combination of lights and music is one of the keys to transforming a wedding  reception into an unforgettable event. The beauty of music accompanies guests in an  emotional experience, the lights create an intimate and convivial environment, and  together offer moments of pure magic. It is important to remember that every detail, even  the smallest, contributes to creating the romantic and enthralling atmosphere desired for a  dream wedding. 


Do not hesitate to express all your ideas to the Ferrali Wedding Planner staff, who will find  the perfect wedding lights and music to make your dream come true.


We cannot wait to learn about your wishes! We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. Tell us about your love story and we will organize the wedding you are dreaming of.


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