Wedding location: how to choose it

One of the most important and interesting choices concerns the choice of the location for  the wedding.  

The magical place where you can pronounce the promise to love each other and have the  reception must reflect your expectations and make you feel as comfortable as in a love  nest. 

But how to choose the right location?

Wedding location: the perfect organization

There are many aspects to consider in choosing the location: the setting, the style, the  place and the atmosphere are just some of the fundamental points to evaluate.

Castles, villas or palaces, but also vineyards, beaches or green spaces, are all  environments and possible alternatives to celebrate your wedding. 

The first thing to decide to find the right location for the wedding is to clarify what your  expectations, dreams, needs and desires are. 

Your Wedding Planner, based on these indications, will be able to select the most  suitable ones and in line with your budget.

The aspects to be evaluated for the choice of the wedding location

There are a lot of informations to collect and questions to ask for each possibility, for  example: is the location intended only for the reception or will there also be a wedding  celebration? Can logistics be handled easily? How can spaces be embellished? Is there  self catering? 

It is important to carefully evaluate one’s opportunities and, above all, priorities; thinking  about the celebration you want, the logistics of the reception and the number of invitations  made can help a lot in choosing. 

Once all of that is cleared up, you can make your choice.

Some tips for the location of the venue 

Depending on the chosen ceremony, the celebration and the reception could take place in  two different places, as in the case of the church for a religious wedding or the municipality  for the civil ceremony. 

When the ceremony takes place in a place other than the location of the reception, the  ideal is to organize transfers so that everyone is punctual and not having to worry about  parking. 

Wedding location: when to book it? 

Many wedding venues, especially glamorous ones, need to be booked well in advance. 

Some of them are in high demand and, consequently, the dates available are already  limited for two years in advance. 

As soon as you have the official wedding date, booking the location is definitely the first  thing to do.

Tips to keep in mind when selecting the location

The Ferrali Wedding Planner team has many years of experience in planning and  carrying out any type of wedding and can give some useful advice for choosing the  location: 

choose a place that respects your style and the idea of the mood of your wedding; carefully evaluate the spaces and capacity for the aperitif, the reception and the cutting of  the cake; 

analyze logistics and its critical issues, especially those to be communicated to suppliers; make sure your location has a plan B. 

If you prefer to enjoy your magical day without too many thoughts, you can rely on the  experience of the Ferrali Wedding Planner team for choosing the wedding location. 

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