Wedding guestbook: a special memory

The wedding guestbook makes the most precious moments of your wedding indelible. A treasure chest of fond memories that will accompany you for years to come, preserving the magic of the most beautiful day. In this article we will explore some creative ideas for creating an original wedding guestbook and we will see together how to personalize it and enrich It with character to make it a significant detail of your setup.

Wedding guestbook: what is it?

The traditional “signature book” is the most classic of guest books. A sort of album made available to guests to leave messages, wishes and dedications to the spouses, which is often embellished with decorations, elements and colors derived from the wedding theme and combined with other details such as invitations, wedding favors and place cards.

The cover can be personalized with the name of the couple, the wedding date and other details, taking care to respect the font chosen for all the stationery elements. The pages should be left blank, ready to welcome thoughts and dedications. Where to buy the guestbook? There are many solutions on the web, including customizable ones. Alternatively, a well-stocked stationery shop will be able to offer various options.

Original wedding guestbook: green light for ideas

In recent years, traditional guestbooks, simple books to be enriched with signatures and greeting messages, have been joined by new creative solutions, capable of making this detail even more personal. Are you looking for an original alternative to the classic wedding guest book or are you considering a do-it-yourself wedding guestbook? Here are some of the ideas most appreciated by customers who have relied on Ferrali Wedding
Planner to make their wedding unique.


A fun idea to capture moments of happiness: set up a space where guests can take a souvenir photo and provide some accessories, such as wigs and hats. You can also invite guests to paste their souvenir photo onto your guestbook and combine it with a dedication, to make your memory book even more personal.

Audio guestbook

One of the latest trends in wedding guestbooks: a phone that will allow your guests to leave you audio messages. A fun alternative for guests and a special memory for you, who after some time will be able to listen to the affectionate dedications of your loved ones. We are sure that they will make you move every time you hear them!

Home decoration

Cork stoppers to sign and collect in a glass vase, a canvas to color together, a book, a vinyl or a mirror to sign. Here is an idea for a personalized wedding guestbook. The classic book of memories leaves room for pictures, paintings and ornaments created by your guests: original compositions that become furnishing elements for your home.

Time capsule

Choose a bottle, a box, a jar or any container that fits the theme chosen for your wedding. Invite guests to write their messages on cards which they will then fold and leave inside. Your time capsule is ready: opening it on the first wedding anniversary will be particularly emotional.

Wedding guestbook: set up a creative corner

To ensure that the guestbook is noticed by the guests, it must be placed in a passage area and made an integral part of the setup. A dedicated table, lights, fabrics, floral arrangements and decorations. By relying on the advice of a wedding planner you will be sure that the corner dedicated to the wedding memory book will leave your guests speechless.


Ferrali Wedding Planner offers you the certainty of a setup that does not neglect any detail: with creativity and passion we transform your ideas into unforgettable memories.


We cannot wait to learn about your wishes! We will be happy to meet you and answer your questions. Tell us about your love story and we will organize the wedding you are dreaming of.


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