The steps to organize a wedding with Ferrali Wedding Planner

Organizing a wedding is a job that requires attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Everything must be studied in detail to ensure that the wedding day is one of the most exciting and meaningful moments in a couple’s life.

This is the first rule of Ferrali Wedding Planner, a wedding planner specializing in weddings in Tuscany.

To organize a dream wedding, the Ferrali Wedding Planner staff plans all the stages, from when the couple arrives at the airport to the final choice of all the details for their wedding. From the discovery of all the locations proposed for the wedding to the testing of the catering menu, up to the important decisions regarding the arrangement of the tables, the ceremony and the reception.

The steps to organize a wedding with Ferrali Wedding Planner

To arrive at the wedding day without surprises, organization is essential. Here is the service offered by Ferrali Wedding Planner for the moments leading up to the big day.

Arrival at the airport: the beginning of the journey.

When the couple arrives at the airport, the emotion is palpable. Everything still seems like  a dream, but meeting the wedding planner marks the beginning of a journey that will make  their wedding unforgettable. The wedding planner will be ready to welcome the couple and accompany them throughout the organizational process. Right from the start, it will be important to put the future spouses at ease and create an atmosphere of trust and omplicity.

Discovering dream locations

To organize a wedding, choosing the location is one of the most important decisions. It is  in fact from here that the work of the wedding planner begins. Each place is unique and  offers something special. The couple stroll through lovely gardens, panoramic terraces and  charming halls. Every detail is carefully studied to create a magical and romantic  atmosphere. The wedding planner knows every corner of all the locations and knows  exactly how to exploit their potential for the wedding day. In this phase it is possible to  catch all the glimpses to imagine the big day.

Tasting of the catering’s menu: a culinary journey through taste

A wedding would not be complete without an unforgettable culinary experience. The  wedding planner accompanies the couple at the tasting of the catering’s menu. The future  spouses let themselves be guided by the expert culinary choices of the wedding planner,  who knows how to combine flavours, high quality ingredients and refined presentations. 

While choosing the catering or the menu, the wedding planner advises the future spouses  on the best foods and drinks to offer. For an original menu, a menu from the area where  the reception takes place is usually combined with the personal tastes of the spouses.

The arrangement of the tables, the ceremony and the reception 

When planning a wedding, the time comes to make crucial decisions, such as choosing  the table layout. Even for this important and difficult step, the wedding planner helps the 

couple find a solution, trying to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere for  everyone.

Suit and dress – important point in organizing an elegant wedding 

The Ferrali Wedding Planner staff is available to take the couple to various Italian tailors to  choose a dress that enhances the quality of Made in Italy. We will strive to find the dress  and suit that best represent the expression and personality of the two future spouses.

To organize a dream wedding, rely on Ferrali Wedding Planner

Organizing a wedding with a wedding planner is an exciting experience. Every moment of  this journey is full of emotions. The wedding planner becomes a trusted guide,  accompanying the couple towards the big day, creating an unforgettable tailor-made  wedding. 

Thanks to the experience and creativity of Ferrali Wedding Planner, future spouses can  relax and enjoy every moment without worries. With our staff, the dream of a perfect  wedding turns into an enchanting reality.


To organize a wedding as you’ve always wanted, rely on experts in the sector: Ferrali  Wedding Planner will be able to help you find the right style.
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