Minimal wedding: the new style from the dress to the favours

When the couple’s tastes are sober and elegant, a minimal wedding is the perfect proposal.
The main color that characterizes this style is generally very light, the shades range from shades of white to neutral ones, simple shapes and lots of good taste.

It should be clarified that the term minimal marriage is not synonymous with banal marriage. The concept “less is more” is to focus on the essential to give value to what is created; therefore, with a few details and a lot of style you can organize a breathtaking minimal wedding.

Minimal and essential wedding: the combination for a simple but modern wedding

It all starts with the choice of colors for the bride’s dress: the most used are the nuances of ivory and the various shades of white. Simple shapes and lines that enhance the bride’s body. The choice of the dress is linear, based on the quality of the fabric, avoiding models rich in tulle and lace. The minimal bride’s dress is enhanced by an important bouquet, classic shapes and single-color flowers, generally white.

From the wedding invitations to the cake, from the location to the favours: the minimal chic wedding at 360 degrees

The minimalist style does not only concern the furnishings, but includes every single detail that will help make your wedding day one of the most beautiful of your life.

Minimal wedding invitations

Wedding invitations have the great task of announcing the event. It is good to pay attention to this detail too, especially when you decide to organize a minimal wedding.
For the wedding invitations, the color is obviously neutral, the paper is hand-torn Amalfi paper but also rectangular cards in Bristol or rolled up parchments tied with a simple satin ribbon. The font for printing wedding invitations is generally an English italics for parchment and Amalfi paper, while block letters are better suited for Bristol wedding invitations.

Minimal chic wedding set-up

Class is the watchword when you want to set up the location for a minimal chic wedding.

White flowers dominate and precisely because we are talking about a minimal chic style reception, flowers are important for how they are selected and set up. Roses are the
favorites but calla lilies, tulips and white orchids are also excellent solutions.

Same line for reception area. Chairs with a modern and essential design with table runners and refined crockery, smooth glasses and refined cutlery. The minimal wedding centerpiece is favored by candlelight and a few flowers. The strictly linear glass candle holders.

And the location? Modern villas, preferably surrounded by nature, gardens with trees where to hang lights to create an intimate atmosphere when the sun goes down and of course a large room for plan B.

Wedding cake

Even the wedding cake must be in line with the minimal style characterizing all the other details of the wedding. The secret is to share linear shapes and neutral colors without the show and heavy ornaments. An ever-present minimal cake is the one prepared by the chef in front of the guests sprinkled with icing sugar and white flowers.


Generally, for a minimal chic wedding, the wedding favor must be a keepsake with an essential style, a useful and very simple object. A small linen bag with the initials of the bride and groom and many sugared almonds inside, but also objects such as a silver drip tray, a bottle opener or a candle snuffer.


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