Italian destination wedding: all the possibilities

The Italian destination wedding trend is increasingly widespread: in recent years, in fact, more and more couples are choosing Italy as a place to organize their wedding celebrations.

This solution allows to “enrich” the wedding with the experience of a stay in the Bel Paese, accompanying the couple and the other participants to immerse themselves in the Italian atmosphere.

In this article we present all the possibilities for the organization of a wedding in Italy.

Italian destination wedding: all the charm of the Bel Paese

What is the success of the Italian destination wedding due to?

Italy is one of the most requested destinations for weddings abroad, and no wonder about this: in fact, it offers a unique combination of natural beauty, history, art and culture. The landscape varies from the breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast to the Crete Senesi of Tuscany, from the mountains of Lake Como to the villages of Sicily. Historic buildings, such as castles and villas, offer a romantic and authentic atmosphere for every typology and style of wedding.

The options for the wedding location in Italy

Basically it is a unique combination that from ever makes Italy one of the most loved countries in the world. And the enormous wealth and variety of attractions translates into a vast assortment of possibilities for destination weddings in Italy.

Let’s think of the locations in Liguria and Umbria, where the wedding is organized in the context of a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Or let’s think of the villages of Tuscany and the farms of Puglia, in which organize an elegant wedding in contact with nature. Otherwise the cities of art such as Florence and Lucca, which offer a romantic background rich in history.

Weddings for all tastes

The great variety of locations for destination weddings translates into a wide range of wedding possibilities and types, to satisfy the wishes of every couple.

wedding in a castle, in a village or in a villa is among the most popular options, thanks to its versatility: by choosing the right location and set-up, it is possible to recreate unique and unforgettable experiences.

In general, the destination wedding in Italy allows you to adapt in every detail to the vision of the spouses: formal or informal wedding, civil, religious or symbolic, then ranging over styles from country to vintage to boho-chic.

All that remains is to ask yourself the question: how to organize the perfect wedding in Italy?

The recipe for a perfect wedding

Speaking of Italian destination weddings, the main requirement for a successful event is a precise and punctual organization that takes into account all the factors involved.

The job of the wedding planner is just this: to agree a detailed plan for the wedding with the bride and groom, including setting up the location, accommodation and reception for guests, catering and entertainment, and all the details that contribute to make unique this experience. The wedding planner also takes care of the legal details for getting married in Italy, such as the necessary documentation and waiting times. All this in a continuous dialogue with the couple, who must be updated during each phase of the work.

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