Elopement: an intimate wedding to celebrate your love

Intimate wedding or large party?

There is no correct answer to this question: every wedding is unique and can be organized according to your wishes. Many couples want to celebrate their wedding with a large party with friends and relatives, but others prefer to get married in a more intimate wedding, accompanied by only a few guests.

Today, many more spouses are embracing the idea of getting married with an elopement, which is a very intimate wedding, which often includes only the couple.

But let’s see in detail what the elopement wedding is.

Elopement wedding: celebrating love with a few guests

In recent years the elopement wedding has become a trendy celebration, chosen by more and more married couples instead of the big celebration.

Elopement means “to run away”, and the term symbolizes the idea of a romantic escape for the couple. In the past it was a wedding that was chosen by those who wanted
to get married in secret or quickly, but today it is chosen for its meaning.

Among the most popular destinations for this escape we find Italy, a country capable of offering a multitude of natural and artistic scenarios.

Cities of art, historic and characteristic villages, vineyards nestled among the hills and coasts that offer breathtaking views: the Bel Paese offers various alternatives for every

How to organize an intimate wedding

Organizing an elopement or an intimate wedding requires different planning than a grand party.

Even in this case, however, it is useful to contact a Wedding Planner to be able to make everything equally memorable, despite the absence of the guests.

Organizing a wedding far from your country involves the need to prepare everything necessary for the wedding but also all travel, restaurants and much more.

With the support of a professional, all of this can be organized down to the smallest detail, both for the couple and for the few guests.

Photographer, dresses, transport, hairdressers, make-up artists, DJs and experiences will be agreed together to organize a dream elopement wedding.

Victoria and Zachary: an intimate wedding in Italy

Victoria and Zachary also organized an elopement in Italy with the help of Ferrali Wedding Planner.

The couple, coming from Chicago, decided to celebrate their wedding between Tuscany and Liguria, with a real love escape.


The young couple arrived in Florence, where they met with Ferrali Wedding Planner and, from there, they left for the Grand Hotel in Portovenere.

The preparation

Franca Ferrali, the Wedding Planner, organized everything meticulously. On the day of the wedding, a meeting in the hotel with the photographer, the make-up artist and the hairdresser was scheduled for preparation.

After the first photos in the hotel, Franca and the newlyweds left for Castello Doria, a fortress overlooking the sea of Porto Venere.

The marriage

This fortress was chosen for the celebration, known for its location and the splendid views it offers. To reach their destination, the couple chose a historic Italian vehicle, a fiery red
Ape Car, to make everything even more characteristic and memorable.

Arriving at the top of the fortress, in front of the wonderful view, they promised each other love with the sand ritual, a ritual that symbolizes the union of two souls into one.


After having sealed their love, Victoria and Zachary were able to dedicate themselves to the next part of the wedding: not a real reception, but a moment of sharing for the couple
entrusted to the organization of Franca Ferrali.

A motorboat picked them up in Porto Venere to take them to Lerici, near the Castle.

Here, in the light of the sunset, the newlyweds decided to swim in the sea and then enjoy a romantic dinner by the sea.

The day was full of emotional moments, and everything was immortalized by the photographer, to give the newlyweds a memory of this unforgettable day!


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