Wedding flowers: which ones and how to choose the perfect arrangement

Wedding flowers are an important part to consider for one of the most romantic events in  a couple’s life. 

Weddings are special occasions and wedding flowers play a crucial role in defining the  style and atmosphere of the ceremony: choosing the perfect floral arrangement may  seem like a difficult task but, with an expert guide like Ferrali Wedding Planner, the choice  can become very simpler and more pleasant.

Wedding flowers: why are they so important?

The use of wedding flowers has ancient and deep roots that date back to various cultures  and traditions around the world: already in ancient Egypt, the Egyptians valued plants and  flowers, such as the lotus and papyrus, during weddings. In many other times and places,

such as in ancient Rome, flowers were present in the union between two people: but why  are they so important in these celebrations? 

Flowers, with their grace and liveliness, have the power to transform a common place into  a fairytale setting. These natural gifts, with their brilliant colors and heady scents, become  even more significant in a wedding context, where they symbolize love, prosperity and joy. 

  • Atmosphere: In addition to providing a pleasing aesthetic, flowers have the power to  evoke emotions. Whether it’s a beach wedding or a celebration in a cathedral, flowers help  create an atmosphere that reflects the essence of the union between two people.
  • Symbolism: The choice of specific flowers can tell a story or convey a message. For  example, a red rose symbolizes deep love, while a daisy represents innocence. By  incorporating these meanings, brides and grooms can make their ceremony even more  personal and meaningful.
  • Memories: Scents have a powerful connection to memory. The scent of the flowers  chosen for the wedding evokes precious memories every time the bride and groom or  guests smell it in the future.

What are the most beautiful flowers for a wedding?

While the choice of flowers often reflects personal tastes and the theme of the wedding,  there are some varieties that have gained particular popularity in the wedding context  thanks to their timeless beauty and versatility. 

  • Roses: associated for centuries with love and passion, the rose is a timeless classic.  These regal flowers are not only beautiful but also incredibly versatile. Roses are available  in a wide range of shades, from deep red to pure white, pastel pink and bright orange.
  • Peonies: They have become one of the most popular choices for weddings. With their  large fluffy petals and enveloping scent, they embody a sense of romance and luxury.
  • Tulips: Simple yet elegant, tulips are often associated with spring and rebirth. Their  variety of colors makes them suitable for many wedding themes.
  • Orchids: with their exotic shapes they add a touch of modernity and class to weddings.
  • Calle: with an elegant and sinuous shape, calla lilies are an excellent choice for the  bouquet thanks to their distinctive shape which symbolizes pure elegance.
  • Freesias: with their delicate scent and wide range of bright colors, they add freshness to  floral arrangements.
  • Lavender: ideal for a wedding in the countryside, in farmhouses or in farmhouses  surrounded by greenery; but it can also be used in bouquets and decorations.
  • Gypsophila: with its small white flowers, the gypsophila can be used as the only flower  for altar arrangements, giving a touch of lightness and finesse to the wedding.
  • Eucalyptus: eucalyptus leaves are often used in bouquets, this type of green is highly  requested by foreign brides as are olive sprigs.

Obviously, there are other possible options and combinations. The choice of wedding  flowers should reflect the style, colors and preferences of the couple and for this reason,  consulting an expert wedding planner when planning the setting for a wedding is  important, because he can offer valuable advice on seasonal availability and combinations  of colors. 

How to match wedding flowers to the wedding theme

The choice of flowers for a wedding should be a harmonious reflection of the theme, style  and colors chosen for the event. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, flowers can communicate  a message, convey a feeling, and connect various elements of the wedding into a  cohesive picture. Here are some considerations and suggestions on how to combine  flowers effectively. 

Wedding Style: Whether it’s a boho-chic beach wedding, a traditional ceremony in an  ancient church, or a modern reception in an art gallery, flowers should complement and  amplify your chosen style. 

Color Palette: While choosing colors for flowers may seem obvious, it is essential to  consider the full range of shades and tones available. For example, a rose can range from  pale pink to deep burgundy. The goal is to select flowers that complement the overall color  palette of the wedding. 

Season: Although many flowers are available all year round, some are particularly  representative or available in specific seasons. An autumn wedding could take inspiration  from the warm colors of chrysanthemums, while a summer event could benefit from the  lightness of daisies or dahlias. 

Arrangement of flowers for a wedding at the municipality or in a church

As regards the location of the ceremony, in the church the floral decorations must be  arranged on the benches, on the altar and on the sides of the bride and groom, while in  common the flowers will go at the entrance to the room and on the table where the  ceremony will be celebrated. 

For the reception, however, each couple can dream of any type of setting, creating  compositions and roofs of flowers on the imperial tables, but always under the supervision  of the wedding planner.


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