Marco & Franca

A love born many years ago as teenagers and made of small things, stolen encounters, letters full of meaning. A story of love grown over the years.

Marco and Franca decided to renew their marriage vows far away from Italy, flying to San Andrès.


Renewals Abroad

In those early winter days, once again Marco and Franca promised themselves eternal love. A canopy awaited them on the beach. Adorned with white linen sheets moved by the wind, shells, flowers and behind it you could see the island of Johnny Cay.

Franca’s romantic bouquet had come from Bogota and it was characterized of red roses and eucalyptus leaves. The blessing was experienced with great emotion by the couple thanks also to the celebrant who dedicated a personalized poem to them written specifically for Marco and Franca.

The wedding anniversary

Autumn was about to end the branches bare of leaves and the ever shorter days silently gave way to the winter which was still not too cold in Tuscany. In one of those days Marco and Franca would celebrate their wedding anniversary. Thus, on that occasion, the desire came to promise love was still alive and to do it away from everything and everyone.

A few days later the two left for San Andrés where they decided to renew their wedding vows. It was like entering a fairy tale forever! San Andrés is a small Colombian island in front of Nicaragua in the Caribbean sea, almost unknown to Italian tourism, where the sea has seven colors and the beaches are inhabited by palm trees, exotic vegetation and fishing boats.


The exchange of the rings

The exchange of the rings was an intimate moment: a new wedding ring for Marco and an emerald from the mines of Bogota for Franca. The renewal of the vows ended at twilight with the ceremony of throwing the stones into the clear and warm water of the sea. At the sunset, while the couple was walking on the beach up to the cliffs, the sea reflected their figures.

A special sunset: the sun was changing the colors of the sky from blue to orange. Marco and Franca will never forget that magical moment.


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